House of St. Peter                                                                                                   

Urban. Attached to a row of houses. Harmonious arrangement in the Square of the Restoration, in a building forming an angle, where the Meio Street and the Rica Street meet, there is a niche made of Ançã stone as a detail worth of notice (17th Century).


Building of rectangular ground plan. Simple volume arranged in the horizontal, with covering of a gable roof. Single fabric facing Southwest, bounded by pilasters opened on the ground floor by doors of straight lintel of stonework frame placed in progression, following the ascent of the street. Over the main door stands out a broken angular pediment, crowned by an ornament with the form of a flame. Second storey opened by windows of straight frame.


Initial Function:

Assistance: guest-house


Present-day Function:

Private residence


Private property: individual person

Period of Construction:

17th Century (conjecture)