Children´s House of Pedrógão Grande                                                                  

Urban. Isolated, harmonious and outstanding arrangement, situated at the entrance of the farm, with a surrounding garden, having in the proximity of the property the Museum of Pedro Cruz (v. 1013020015) and the Foster Home for old people (v. 1013020019), both owned by the Misericórdia (Almshouse) of Pedrógão Grande.


Building of quadrangular ground plan, simple volume arranged on the vertical. Covering shaped in roof of four slopes with overhang. Southwest facade with a prominent base, with a ground floor opened by two small windows, between which one flight of stairs raises, with stonework protections carved with geometrical motifs, with leads to a little landing opened by a door at the level of the first storey, torn by a high big window. The second storey is perforated by two high straight windows, being the one above the door a bay-window, carved in a way similar to the protection of the stairs, hanged on two plain columns with a slight convexity which rest on the parapet of the landing.


An high and narrow window between the storeys illuminates the interior staircase of the house. Southeast facade with ground floor in projection, opened by two doors and windows. Upper block arranged in an angle, with a running balcony at the level of the first storey, following the recessed body, with protection made of  wrought iron with motifs similar to those of the protections of the stonework stairs and of the balconies of the first and second storeys (the second hanging on consoles) of the lateral body. Northeast facade with the ground floor following the strongly marked descent of the ground, opened by doors and quadrangular windows.


First storey opened by four windows of lintel shaped in a basket-handle arch (similar to the other windows of the first storey on all the facades) and upper storey torn by four straight windows (with similar shape to the windows of the upper storey of the other facades). Northwest facade perforated by three windows at the upper level, two windows on the first storey, and window between the storeys; at the level of the ground floor, a single flight of stairs leads to the door of the first storey. Doors and windows of curved lintel and outstanding latch.


Initial Function:

Residential: house


Present-day Function:

Educative: kindergarten


Private property: Misericórdia (Almshouse)

Period of Construction:

19th Century