Roman Ceramic Kiln                                                                                                

Rural, isolated, situated at the foot of the hill of Our Lady of Miracles, at 380m of height.



Kiln formed by two levels, each one corresponding to two functional areas. On the first there is the baking chamber, composed of a rectangular furnace-bar with 2,5 x 2,4 metres, perforated by 14 regular alignments of holes, with the function of performing the hot air circulation from the furnace to the upper surface of the kiln. The walls of the kiln have a maximum height of 0,9metres, which probably corresponds to the level of raising of the vault or covering. On the second level there is the heating chamber, composed of the mouth of the kiln, furnace and heating chamber, measuring 2,6 x 2,2metres. There can also be seen 4 surmounted arches made of brick with a height of 0,7metres, separated from one another by 0,25 to 0,32metres, with the function of supporting the furnace bar.


Initial Function:

Ceramic kiln


Present-day Function:


Public property: municipal