Parochial Church of Pedrógão Grande                                                                   

Urban; isolated, situated in an ample square.


Longitudinal ground plan, composed of the juxtaposed rectangles of the naves and chancel; it is flanked by the two rectangular spaces of the sacristies. Bell tower of square plan attached to the axis of the nave; articulated volumes with different coverings in a gable-roof over the main nave and chancel,  a lean-to roof over the lateral naves and annexes, a dome covered by ceramic slabs and crowned by a top lantern over the tower. The main facade, oriented, is marked by the volume of the prominent bell tower, of three storeys all marked by a stonework frame, torn by three perfect curve arches on the three sides of the ground floor and by an eye-window and bell towers on the two upper storeys; the staircase to the middle storey of the tower is attached to the northern facade with a giant. South facade has a perfect curve portal and two giants.


The main stonework portal is carved with buds and rosettes. The INTERIOR of the church has three naves of different height, with four vaults, divided by arches at a middle spot, hanged on cylindrical columns, with capitals having rolls in its vertices; covering in a wooden roof of three layouts in the central nave and a layout in the lateral naves; at the entrance of the nave there are two holy water fonts made of granite; the high-choir situated on the second storey of the tower opens through a perfect curve arch and balustrade onto the nave; in the body of the nave there is a pulpit in the form of chalice made of stone; a perfect curve triumphal arch supported  by pilasters and small columns leads to the chancel which is overlaid by polychromatic pattern tiles, lower than the central nave is covered by a vault of star shaped ribs, of five floral pieces with rosettes; high altar with altarpiece, with one central and four lateral niches in which are the statues of the evangelists.


Collateral altar on the side of the Gospel, has an altarpiece of painted wood with a crucified Christ; the altar of the Epistle with a painted altarpiece, having in the altar the depicted image of Our Lady of the Rosary, Jesus’ Heart and the stone sculpture of the Lady of Light. Lateral chapels, of a great depth: the one on the side of the Gospel with a carving altar. Floor with several gravestones (*1). Sacristy having a chest of drawers shaped like an ark and above it a carved stone niche; on another wall there is a holy water vessel of a great volume.


Initial Function:

for religious cult and devotion: church


Present-day Function:

For religious cult and devotion: church


Public property: state-owned


Period of Construction:

16th / 18th Centuries