Museum Pedro Cruz                                                                                                

Urban periphery, attached to a wall, situated on the low area of the Quinta da Tapada, following the unevenness of the ground, with access through stairs to the upper landing and by a yard to the ground floor.


Building of irregular ground plan, composed of two articulated volumes arranged on the horizontal, with the smaller building following the unevenness of the ground. Differentiated covering with gable-roof, accentuated lean-to roof and roof of running edge over the porch of the access by the upper landing. Facades forming a corner opened in an obtuse angle composed of two fabrics cadenced by equal openings – first storey: gate and curved window, gate with a basket-handle arch delimited by ribs and flanked by door, door, window and door; second storey: raised windows with flag -. Lateral facade opened by a small porch leading to a door of the second storey of the museum. INTERIOR of the museum: the space is wide open, differentiated at the level of the two storeys with opposite flights of stairs.


Initial Function:

for agriculture: Farm – Horse-Stables


Present-day Function:

Educative/ Cultural: museum


Private property: Misericórdia (Almshouse)


Period of Construction:

19th Century