Museum House of the Insignia Holder Manuel Nunes Corrêa                               

Urban; attached to a building, following the descent of the street . Its interior is accessed by means of one lateral flight of stairs.


Simple rectangular ground plan, volumes arranged on the horizontal with covering of a gable roof. On the main facade of two storeys and single fabric framed by an eave, opens, on the first storey, a door and on the second floor two windows of curved lintel. On the lateral facade with stairs leading to the interior, two windows of frame similar to those on the main facade, followed by an access door, with a little porch. INTERIOR of the house: two storeys with  parquet floor form the museum space.


Initial Function:


Present-day Function:

Cultural: Museum-House


Private property: Misericórdia (Almshouse)

Period of Construction: 19th Century