Church of the Misericordia                                                                                     

Urban. Small square surrounded by buildings of balanced volumes.


Longitudinal ground plan, rectangular, including the nave and chancel; the sacristy, the Chapter room and the Dispatch room constitute a ground plan shaped in “U” together with the church, attached to its southern side. Articulated volumes with different coverings with gable roof over the church, over the sacristy and over the Chapter room, a roof of three slopes over the Dispatch room. The church facade shaped in triangular gable-end is torn by a portal flanked by pilasters standing on pedestals surmounted by a rectilinear architrave; niche crowned by a triangular pediment, without any statue, over the portal. The access to the contiguous building, of two storeys, is done through one flight of stairs leading to a balcony with a porch, hanged on a Corinthian column. In its interior the nave and chancel are covered by a wooden ceiling of three planes, and the high altar stands on a stonework platform, with access stairs. Three rostrums enclosed by wooden lattice railings, two of the Chapter room facing the nave, one of the sacristy facing the chancel. Pulpit on the opposite side. Carving mannerist altarpiece on the high altar.

Initial Function:

For religious cult  and assistance


Present-day Function:

Cultural activities


Private property: Catholic Church

Period of Construction:

16th Century