Church of The Lady of Carmel                                                                                 

Urban, attached to a private contiguous building (annex on the South), outstanding and harmonious arrangement on the top of the population, bounded by a small walled atrium with a garden and bandstand.


Irregular longitudinal ground plan, composed of nave, chancel, bell tower (attached on the northern side) and sacristy (attached on the southern side). Articulated volumes arranged on the horizontal; different coverings with a gabble-roof (nave and chancel), lean-to roof (sacristy) and pyramidal conical roof (bell tower). Oriented main facade, shaped in angular gable-end, surmounted at the top by a cross, opened by a portal with a straight frame flanked by windows and crowned by a big window.


On the right corner stands a small bell tower. Straight southern facade opened by a door with the date 1730 engraved on the lintel; attached to the recessed and of lower height body of the chancel stands out, at the level of the upper window, the quadrangular body of the sacristy opened by a straight door, with the date 1858 engraved on the lintel, and by an opening, having attached to it a porch which stands out from the length of the chancel, leaning on a contiguous building. Eastern facade, blind, shaped in angular gable-end. Northern facade opened by two windows at the level of the body of the chancel. Bell tower opened on the lower level on the western and northern sides, rises torn by four belfries surmounted by a spire pinnacle flanked by four pinnacles. The INTERIOR of the church: High choir hanged on two pilasters, with access through lateral stairs, opens itself onto a single nave with wooden floor, panelling of tiles and covering with a wooden ceiling shaped in three planes; the pulpit, which is reached through one lateral flight of stairs, has a wooden balcony of quadrangular base and is hanged on a plain shaft column with a slight convexity; full triumphal arch, with ornamented flower in the keystone, opens, with two steps, onto the chancel of floor paved with slabs, overlay with tiles and covering similar to those of the nave, with the outstanding of the main altarpiece composed of an altar-cloth crowned by one central and four lateral panels. The altar-cloth has three double big windows moulded to a contiguous frame. From the spring of the arches with pinnacles rise buttresses crowned at their tops by lily shaped pinnacles crowned by a pediment shaped ornament .


The sides of the altar-cloth have engraved the low relief of an arch between buttresses. The altar, composed of five panels separated by pillars adorned with rosettes, has in its base a sanctuary of pattern shaped in rotunda, formed by an hexagonal prism surmounted by pinnacles that rise from the frame at the height of the dome.


The central panel keeps on the niche decorated with a trefoil arch the statue of Our Lady of the Carmel, protected above by a canopy surmounted by a big flower like ornament; the lateral panels, backed and of a decreasing height are equally opened in niches. The whole piece is surmounted on high above by a profusion of spire pinnacles adorned with rosettes and pinnacles and on the sides by two high and narrow small columns which are linked to the whole piece by delicate buttresses.


Initial Function:

For religious cult and devotion: church


Present-day Function:

For religious cult and devotion: church


Private property: Catholic Church

Period of Construction:

18th / 19th Centuries