Chapel of Saint Vincent                                                                                          

Urban periphery, isolated; outstanding arrangement in an area with trees.


Longitudinal ground plan composed of the articulated volumes of the nave, chancel, sacristy and bell tower; volumes arranged on the horizontal; different covering of a gable-roof over the nave and chancel, extended with the shape of a running edge above the sacristy, a lean-to roof over the porch, and the dome over the spire pinnacle of the bell tower. Main facade facing West, of single fabric opened by a portal flanked and crowned by small windows and window with gratings surmounted by an angular gable-end; attached to the main facade stands out  the bell tower of quadrangular plan with two storeys and a door leading to the level of the ground floor and opened on the upper storey by four raised bell towers, crowned by a spire pinnacle flanked in its base by four pinnacles.


Southern facade shaped in a straight gable-end composed of the bodies corresponding to the nave (higher and with porch and lateral door) and to the chancel (recessed and opened by a window with gratings). Eastern facade, blind, shaped in scalene angular gable-end. Northern facade shaped in straight gable-end composed of the articulated volumes of the chancel, nave (opened by a straight door) and bell tower. INTERIOR of the chapel: high choir with balustrade, with perpendicular access stairs, opens onto a single nave with mosaic floor and covering  with wooden roof arranged in three planes, in which stands out in the middle a pictorial depiction of the «MARTYRDOM OF SAINT VINCENT». Painted wood pulpit with vegetarian motifs, of circular base hanged on a pillar (the Gospel); full triumphal arch opens onto the chancel with floor and covering similar to those of the nave, being here worth noting the pictorial depiction of the «REMOVAL OF SAINT VINCENT / FROM THE SACRED PROMONTORY TO LISBON  / AFTER ITS CONQUEST TO THE MOORS»; includes altarpiece composed of four columns with spiral-shaped shaft adorned with vine shoots which support the pediment cut out by scrolls crowned by a large rose, with a niche keeping the 1400’s statue of the patron saint. Lighting is done through the windows of the main facade and chancel.

Initial Function:

For religious cult and devotion


Present-day Function:

For religious cult and devotion



Private property_Catholic Church

Period of Construction:

18th Century