Chapel of Saint Sebastian                                                                                       

Urban, isolated, outstanding and harmonious arrangement at the top of the square with an atrium circumscribed by the angle formed by buildings on the northern side and by a wall broken by a flight of stairs leading to the road.


Chapel of longitudinal ground plan composed of the volumes of the nave and chancel: articulated volumes arranged on the horizontal. Differentiated covering with gable-roofs. Main facade facing South bounded by strong granite corners crowned by pinnacles, surmounted by an angular gable-end with a bell tower on the top.; between two openings with gratings, opens a portal composed of plain pilasters of rectangular section crowned by a frieze decorated with triglyphs (three vertical channels) surmounted by a cut main facade composed of two convergent scrolls flanked by two pinnacles.


Eastern facade shaped in straight gable-end opened by a door in the nave and window in the recessed body and of lower height corresponding to the chancel; Northern facade, blind shaped in angular gable-end bounded by granite corners, crowned by three pinnacles; Western facade, shaped in straight gable-end opened by window in the chancel; projection of the body of the nave, blind, crowned by two pinnacles. INTERIOR of the chapel: single nave with a floor of checkered tiles (black and white) and covering with wooden roof arranged  in three planes. Full triumphal arch opens onto the chancel with vaulted wooden covering. High altar composed of altarpiece with pseudo-twisted columns adorned in their shaft with vine shoots interlaced with birds of Paradise and angels, also depicted both in the architrave and main vaults, these being cut by brackets profusely carved which converge to a tympanum decorated with flowers in relief above a niche which includes the statue of the patron saint. Lighting is done through the openings and eye-window opened in a four-leaved clover of the main facade and windows of the chancel.


Initial Function:

For religious cult and devotion: Chapel


Present-day Function:

For religious cult and devotion: Chapel


Private property: Misericórdia (Almshouse)

Period of Construction:

17th Century