Pedrógão Grande has always been a region with a great rural tradition.  However, the desertification and the forest fires,  that anually affect this region, have altered negatively this great rural tradition. Presently, it is in the secondary sector that one finds the region´s economical strenght, through forest exploration, textils and civil construction.  These are the predominant industries. The fair games also constitute a reference.  This region is the home to this industry. The comercial activity is caracterized by an abundance of small traditional establishments.  



- systematic destruction: forest fires, etc.;

- diminishing perspectives and expectations of the farmers (subsistence culture) in relation to national and european community  agricultural  policies and orientations;

- poor geographical location: small farmer agricultural production mentality and poor agricultural soils.



- the forest is a primary source of richness and their exists a natural equilibrium;

- regional products: milk, goat and sheep cheese, and honey;

-water resources: rivers and dams.