Pedrógão Grande                                                                                                    

With an approximate area of 128 square kilometres, three parishes (Pedrógão Grande, Graça e Vila Facaia), and a resident population of about 4, 643 people, it´s geographically situated in one of the peripheries of the region of Leiria. Only in the year of 1878 did the Parrish (Pedrógão Grande) become part of an already existing administrative organization, and only with the Portuguese Constitution of 1976 did it acquire the statuts of a real autarchy.


Its coat of arms depicts the region as follows: "the river is blue and is determined by the heraldry.  The high and steep rocks are typical of the name of this territory; the eagle that stares the sun indicates the great heightness of the mountain over which lies the village; the regional fertility is characterized by the river, remaining symbolically represented the land and its natural surroundings." 


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